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Tapas Night: Thailand

Thursday, August 3, 2017. Donderos’ Kitchen, 590 No. Milledge Avenue. First course served at 6:30 PM.

August's tapas will be based on seafood – even the seasoning salt comes in the form of fish sauce – Thai cuisine has its roots in Indian, Chinese, Malay, as well as indigenous Thai and Lao cooking. Rice and rice noodles are the staples. Seafood, meat and vegetables in remarkable combinations accompany the rice. And regardless of the particular dish’s origins, there is an overriding “Thai” quality to it.

Our fixed-menu, fixed-price “tapas” evening will feature six Thai “small dishes” from various regions of the country and with differing international and local origins. Tim, our chef for the evening, lived for over seven years in Southeast Asia, and visited and worked in Thailand often. His wife Christina grew up in that country, and still has family there. Tim and Christina were married in Bangkok.

Menu: Crispy chicken wontons with sweet-sour chili sauce (Bangkok, Chinese origins); Larb Moo (chopped pork with herbs, shallots, lime juice and toasted rice; Northeast Thailand, with Lao origins); Chicken satay (kebabs) with peanut dipping sauce (Southern Thai, with Malay/Indonesian origins); Ajaad (cucumber and shallot condiment, Southern Thai, with Indian and Malay origins); Triple fish Nam Ya Kanom Jeen (spicy fish curry with rice noodle nests, Central Thai, with Indian and Chinese origins); Yam Nua (spicy fried beef salad, Central Thai, local and Chinese origins).

Tim will discuss the dishes and their backgrounds as they are served. You bring your wine– or beer- of choice. Tim’s recommended wines for this selection of dishes are all chilled whites: Albariño, Chenin Blanc or Sauvignon Blanc. Alternatively in the Thai manner, lager-type beer would be the choice: Singha, Tsingtao, or Heineken. If you require red, a Pinot Noir, and cool it a little.

Or -- for a great wine pairing at a modest price, see Dave and Anne Wells at the Uncommon Gourmet (previously, “Healthy Gourmet”), 1087 Baxter St., telephone 706 353-3107. Dave and Tim frequently teach cooking and wine classes at the Uncommon Gourmet, and Dave selects wines to go with Tim’s style of cooking.

Price: $50 for a couple, $25 for a single. Corkage fee is $2 per couple. Seating is limited. To assure a place, please register in advance.