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Tapas with Tim - Mexican

¡Cinco de Mayo!

 Donderos’ Kitchen: “Tapas with Tim” -- Thursday May 5th -- Small Dishes from Mexico

May 5th, Cinco de Mayo in Spanish, is the Mexican national holiday celebrating victory in the Battle of Puebla on May 5th 1862. The battle was not for independence from Spain, which had happened 50 years earlier. Rather Puebla represented an unlikely crushing by a seriously outnumbered Mexican force of a French army sent by Napoleon III to try to establish a French empire in Mexico.

By chance Donderos’ monthly first Thursday tapas night falls on Cinco de Mayo. So Mexican food is in order -- and please do not bring French wine!

Our fixed menu, fixed price “tapas” evening will feature six delightful Mexican specialties prepared for you by Chef Tim Dondero and colleagues. Tim will introduce and discuss the dishes as they are served. You bring your wine, or beer, of choice.

The specialties will include: Elote [steamed fresh corn, street vendor style, with crema, Valentina hot sauce and cilantro]; Quesadillas with artichokes, Poblano (meaning from Puebla) peppers and Queso Oaxaca melting cheese, served with Pico de Gallo salsa; Cochinita Pibil [Yucatan-style pulled pork barbecue] with the traditional red onion salsa and warm corn tortillas; Cotija and Queso Fresco cheeses with Dulce de Membrillo (quince preserve); Veracruzano black beans with yellow rice; Mole Poblano (from the early Convent in Puebla) with roasted chicken.

Tim’s preferred wine to for this selection of dishes would be a chilled Spanish white, like an Albariño or Verdejo, or a rosé made from Garnacha grapes. Just not a French wine, considering what Cinco de Mayo celebrates. Mexican dark beer, like Modelo, would also go.

Or -- for a great wine pairing at a modest price, see Dave and Anne Wells at the Healthy Gourmet (1087 Baxter St, telephone 706 353-3107). Dave and Tim frequently teach cooking and wine classes at the Healthy Gourmet, and Dave selects wines to go with Tim’s style of cooking.

Thursday, May 5th. Donderos’ Kitchen, 590 No. Milledge Avenue. First course served at 6:30 PM.

Price $45 for a couple, $25 for a single. Corkage fee is $2 per couple.

Seating is limited. To assure a place, please register in advance.